Our advice

Lovers of the area, Beppe and Micaela will be able to suggest itineraries, excursions, typical restaurants, the most beautiful beaches to let you enjoy your holidays to the fullest ... Modernity and local traditions unite without clashing. Lose yourself in the streets of the center of Putignano, don't give up visiting the Cathedrals. Also take advantage of shopping and buying typical local products.

Countless family-run bakeries, found all over the small town, the smell of freshly baked bread, will captivate you and you can taste the best focaccia that you will ever eat. The fruit and vegetable shops will amaze you with the variety of local products with surprising colors and flavors. Putignano is also in the heart of Puglia and its strategic position makes it an ideal starting point for visiting the most interesting tourist destinations or the most bucolic one. Micaela can book your guide to visit Matera (1 hour from Putignano), organize the boat trip to visit the sea caves of Polignano a Mare and more!