A trip to Puglia, to discover the area, where, within a few kilometers, there is an immense heritage of nature, art and architecture. But also wonderful food and wine festivals, fairs and craft.
A road trip in which nothing is missing, to find that the heel of Italy is not just sea, but much more.

The surroundings of Putignano

Will amaze you notice that after a few steps, and crossing very small street, there are towns like Conversano who can offer majestic buildings and monuments. The Castle today will serve as a reference point wherever you are. The Cathedral will captivate you, the Sanctuary of Santa Rita will leave you breathless, to the substantial difference between outside and inside. The best way to discover the city is to get lost in, enjoying the paths.

A few kilometers from our B & B, you could meet the fascinating spectacle offered by two rural towns as Alberobello and Ostuni. Immersed in the heart of Valle d'Itria, it is a tangible example of tradition and culture that annually attracts millions of visitors from around the world. Alberobello has historic architecture, made of millennial geometric balances that still fascinate and involve. The white of its buildings, the narrow streets, the light reflecting on the pinnacles are glimpses able to kidnap the heart and soul of travelers. You can not describe Ostuni. From a distance, the white of its construction makes it shine at night. Getting lost in its narrow streets is an experience you should live, walking through the ancient craft shops and baroque churches. Here you can breathe the air of the past, of tradition, of a rural civilization that has never forgotten its roots. Landscapes, unique architecture, culture and crafts.

The distinctive pointed roofs made of gray "chiancarelle" do soar houses of this town so often exciting. A patchwork of alleys, where the first thing you notice is the cure for the balconies of the houses. The white lime wraps everything, and makes it even more clear colors of the flowers that sprout on every window and on the balconies of flowers, whose inhabitants are extremely proud of and which annually compete in a contest that has a single winner. Do not miss to peek in workshops, where they are weavers of wicker baskets and teachers of the crochet.

Castel del Monte, a majestic building located in the hills of the Murgia Andréana, is heritageUnesco site since 1996. Its octagonal plant, about intelligence and the will of Frederick II, lets in the sun's rays from the corners to create a show of light, architectural masterpiece it is an absolute must.

Castellana's Caves are part of one of the most important tourist sites and caving. The slow flow of the water has changed over time the subsoil, giving life to beautiful alabaster concretions. Between stalactites and stalagmites, tunnels, caverns and chasms three kilometers long, you can attend one of the most fascinating nature.

We are minutes away from a romantic and unspoiled sea. Within easy reach are also in 25 minutes Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Castellana Grotte 10 minutes, Salento, north of Bari with the cathedrals of Trani and Andria, the city of the challenge Barletta.
Matera is also nearby, just 45 minutes.