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Typical culinary product of the town is the "farinella", a flour of chickpeas and roasted barley with the addition of salt. To produce the "farinella", many families decided to pour into a mortar joint legumes that could be made available and were then crushed with a stone pestle.
The "farinella" was for many generations of farmers, along with dried figs, the only lunch eaten during the hard work of the fields. It was brought to work in a canvas bag commonly called "u volze" and was eaten as powder, accompanied by figs, edible herbs, wild onions. Even today it is customary to eat it by mixing it with sauces or other sauces, as if you were the typical "scarpetta" with bread.

Priceless and worth a visit, Palazzo del Bali, probably built in the fourteenth century by the Gerosolimitani Knights and located next to the church of San Pietro, the palace owes its name to the fact that it was the residence of Balì until the first half of 1800, when it became the property of the family of the Princes Romanazzi-Carducci and assumed the features of palace. It consists of adorned rooms, richly decorated and furnished with valuable furniture, paintings, books, tapestries, porcelain, silverware and crystal. Among the many collections, the richest is the collection of weapons. The heart of the main floor is the "Yellow Room", used for conversations and "romantic" dance evenings. In the palace it is still part of the shoe collection of the Prince and in one of the bathrooms, prints and beauty products. 

If you want to know the history, visit the theme museum of the Municipal Library, where there are numerous (and hilarious) examples of papier-mâché puppets.
In the same area, go down in the Cave of the Trullo, rich of concretions from the characteristic red color.